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In the event that the User or third party considers that any of the Content of the Web Site involves a violation of intellectual property rights, the User must immediately notify thebitcoinpizzaday through the contact details of the site.


All information provided by the User must be truthful. To this end, the User guarantees the authenticity of the data communicated through the forms for subscription to the Services. It will be the responsibility of the User to keep all the information provided to thebitcoinpizzaday permanently updated so that it corresponds, at all times, to their real situation. In any case, the User will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damages caused to the provider or third parties.


In order to use the services, minors must always obtain prior consent from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who are ultimately responsible for all acts carried out by the minors in their care. The responsibility for determining the specific content to which minors have access corresponds to them, which is why if they access inappropriate content on the Internet, they will have to establish mechanisms in their computers, in particular computer programs, filters and blocks, which allow them to limit the content available and, although they are not infallible, are particularly useful for controlling and restricting the materials to which minors can have access.


  • Minimum purchase of 1 block of 10x10 (100 pixels).

  • The purchase of pixels will give you the right to submit an image, slogan and a link which will then be published on the home page in the respective space you have paid for. Such purchase does not give you 'possession' of any part of the website's home page.

  • Once you have submitted the image and link you cannot change them, so you must be sure of the image, slogan and link that you want to remain on the website for the next 10 years. The only exception is if you have a strong reason why you need a change, for example, lawsuits against your website.

  • Once your image, slogan and link are accepted and published on the home page, no refunds can be made.

  • The website and home page will be online for at least 10 years (from the day it is launched), although the goal is to have it last for many more years.

  • Obscene / offensive / adult images / links will not be accepted, The Bitcoin Pizza Day has the final decision on publications. If you submit a rejected image or link, you will have the opportunity to provide an alternative, otherwise you will be refunded and lose your pixels.

  • If your link is accepted and you then change the content of the linked site to display offensive/obscene/adult material, then your link will be removed until that situation is remedied, and you will not receive any refund for the time the link was down.

  • If for any reason in the future you wish to have your image and link removed from the home page, you may request this, but you will not receive a refund and the space will be available for sale again.

  • The image you provide must be the exact size you paid for (e.g. 100 pixels = 10x10 pixels image).

  • Images must be in JPEG or PNG format and a reasonable file size.

  • Links should be to web pages only.

  • You must have the authority of the image provided and the link to the website you are submitting.

  • Backgrounds must be received in full before their pixels are posted on the home page.

  • There may be occasional downtime for site maintenance.

  • Once the order has been placed and the funds have been received, your pixels will be online within 8 - 48 hours.


Thebitcoinpizzaday reserves the right to bring any civil or criminal actions it deems necessary for the improper use of the Website and Content, or for the breach of these Conditions.

For the resolution of all disputes or questions relating to this website or the activities carried out therein, Spanish law shall apply, to which the parties expressly submit themselves, and the Courts and Tribunals of Burgos shall be competent to resolve all disputes arising from or relating to the use of this website.