One million dollar page history

The million dollar home page is a website created in 2005 by Alex Tew, a 21-year-old student from Wiltshire in England. He created this page with the objective of being able to finance his university studies.

The main page of the website was structured as an image subdivided into clickable areas with the mouse, squares with a dimension of 10 × 10 pixels with a total of one million pixels. Each pixel was put up for sale at a price of one dollar each, which would generate a total income of one million dollars, hence the name of the site. Each purchased area became a link to the advertiser’s site, in the square you could see the advertiser’s motto if you passed the mouse pointer over the area.

Launched on August 26, 2005, the site became an interesting internet phenomenon, reaching a page rank level of 7 which means that it was ranked by Google with one of the highest ratings on the network, also reached the position number 127 on the website which measures the total traffic generated on the websites. At the end of that year Alex Tew had already sold 990 thousand pixels, in January 2006 the remaining 1000 pixels were auctioned on ebay, the auction closed on January 11 with an offer of 38 thousand 100 dollars.

With this the site generated a total income of 1 million 37 thousand 100 dollars and the estimated cost of realization of the site was only 50 euros. Although Alex Tew had little hope that he would really be able to earn so much money and had no publicity except by word of mouth, after only three days he managed to sell the first block of 20 for a music site 20 and in the next two weeks he earned the money needed to pay for the first year of studies. At that time the news had already circulated through blogs and was beginning to attract the attention of British newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the Sunt.

Alex had to leave his studies after only one semester due to the enormous publicity and the attention of the surrounding media. The concept was studied in subsequent years by marketing experts and universities. Among the most important statements report that it is simple and bright, intelligent, ingenious, an advertising platform unique in its kind and that introduces a little fun.
Professor Martin brings from the University of Innovation in Nottingham has stated that he is brilliant for his simplicity, who wants to get publicity is attracted because it is a novel idea.

TheBitCoinPizzaDay website wants to become another internet phenomenon, creating a time capsule in the history of bitcoin where the companies and people who participated in the beginnings of this movement are immortalized in the bitcoin mosaic. To achieve this he has combined Alex Tew idea with a special day in the bitcoin era, that is the bitcoin pizza day. This day went down in history as The Bitcoin Pizza Day. Laszlo became part of the history of the Bitcoin movement, since he was the first person who made a transaction registered with this cryptocurrency.It has become a phenomenon that increasingly attracts the attention of more and more people, generating for weeks a great hype on social networks and news portals.

An new economy is being generated around this movement, where companies offer great discounts and offers to their clients. website will be the reference point around this economy and will show on its home page the Bitcoin Mosaic, in which you can have your own space to advertise.