The Bitcoin Mosaic

In this post I tell you what the idea of the Bitcoin Mosaic is and what I intend to achieve with it.

What is the idea of Bitcoin mosaic?

The idea is to create a mosaic where the first blockchain projects to develop this technology are represented, the most important figures in the Bitcoin ecosystem and the companies that bet and trust this new technology early, integrating it into their payment, productive and social processes.

Bitcoin mosaic will be displayed on the homepage of TheBitCoinPizzaDay website, which will last over time and become a bitcoin time capsule, where only a few ones can have a slice of the “bitcoin pizza” and the history of Bitcoin.

How is the idea carried out?

To achieve my goal, I have merged two concepts of success that, due to the way they were conceived in the past, have become part of history. One of them is Alex Tew’s million dollar page, and the other is Lazslo Hanyecz who powered bitcoin pizza day.

It consists of an ad system where those interested can buy the pixels of the home page where the image they want to represent will be placed and displayed in the Bitcoin Mosaic. When a user moves the mouse over the image, a slogan that he has previously chosen will appear and when clicking in the image, the user will be redirected to your website. In addition, if you send us a summary of the project, we will publish it on our blog and share it on our social networks to spread it.

Where to advertise my business? What are the benefits for advertisers?

The blockchain technology and the bitcoin will have a potential growth in the next years and, nowadays, the foundations of the projects, which will be the strongest ones in the future, are been laid. There are many companies that want to lead the sector, show their commitment to this technology and help in their mass adoption. If you buy your pixels, you will have an image, slogan and a link from your website on homepage, which could be seen by millions of people. This site will be online for at least 10 years. Although the idea is to keep it forever. So, you could have a slice of the Bitcoin history!

When Alex launched his website milliondolarhomepage in 2005, the population connected to the internet was only a 30%. The era of social networks was non-existent. Facebook was only used in some US universities, Amazon sold books and only in the US, smartphones didn’t exist, and people only used the internet with a computer.

Think about it. If Alex Tew succeeded with these conditions, nowadays, the potential is a thousand times greater.
In addition to this, if we add that every year on May 22 the Pizza Day is celebrated, a celebration with which for weeks a lot of hype is generated around this day, on social networks and news portals, we have almost guaranteed the traffic to website. Hundreds of visitors looking at the Bitcoin Mosaic as if it were a famous painting in which if you want you will also be immortalized.

Own a piece of bitcoin history

What is the ultimate goal.?

I want to help make bitcoin and blockchain technology better known to people, that they understand the benefits they can bring us to achieve a better world and achieve mass adoption.

Alex Tew and Lazslo Hanyecz became part of the history of the internet and bitcoin respectively. Inspired by them, I want to create a site where all those who bet on a change in the world thanks to Bitcoin and Blockchain, can become part of history frozen in the Bitcoin Mosaic where you can see what their contributions were, are and will be on this long road.

With the funds I raise, I want to continue expanding the web site with new ideas and projects related to Bitcoin, and make it become a benchmark site in the sector.

Perhaps in the future with this initiative, I too will have the honor of having my name next to Alex and Lazslo, who knows.